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JCPP conference examines progress toward 2015 Vision, future refinements


 WASHINGTON – As pharmacy evolves from medication dispensing to a key component of the healthcare system, strengthening the pharmacist's role in health care was the dominant theme at a recent conference sponsored by a coalition of pharmacy groups.

The Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners and representatives of nursing, medicine, education, pharmacy practice and consumer groups gathered last month at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, Va., for the conference, with American Pharmacists Association EVP Thomas Menighan serving as chairman.

Titled Advancing the JCPP Vision for Pharmacy Practice, the conference examined progress made toward realizing the group's 2015 Vision, which foresees pharmacists as the healthcare professionals reponsible for providing patient care that ensures optimal medication outcomes.

Panels of experts and heads of JCPP member organizations discussed ways to improve the plan, and input and discussions from the meeting will be compiled and reviewed by staff from member organizations as they finalize the refined statement and action plan, projected to occur by early next year.

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