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Kellogg's launches new Special K items


BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Kellogg's has boosted its Special K portfolio.

Building on the success of the brand's cracker chips, Special K has launched popcorn chips. Available in two varieties (butter and sweet and salty), the new chips are made with 100% real milled corn for a light and crispy texture. Each 28-chip serving has 120 calories and 2 g of total fat.

In addition to the popcorn chips, Special K has added new varieties to its pastry crisps: chocolaty delight and brown sugar cinnamon, which each tout 100 calories per serving. What's more, the brand is relaunching Special K Protein cereal in response to consumers looking for protein for energy and to feel full longer.

"Every new product from Kellogg is developed based on keen insights into the lifestyles, taste preferences and nutrition needs of our consumers," said Brad Davidson, president of Kellogg North America. "By leveraging these emerging trends, we continue to introduce hot new products that excite both our consumers and our retail partners."

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