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Kerr format scores, 'naturally'


RALEIGH, N.C. Kerr Drug is drawing heavy customer traffic and new shoppers with a new “store within a store” format, called Naturally Kerr, which offers a large selection of natural and organic foods and homeopathic products.

The concept debuted in two Kerr stores in April to coincide with Earth Day 2009. The stores, located in Kerr’s home market of Raleigh, N.C., and in Asheville, N.C., devote roughly one-quarter of their selling floor to new natural and homeopathic categories, including organic pastas, coffees and teas, salad dressings and snacks, along with gluten-free products and homeopathic remedies. “This is not just a sampling of organic products; this is a serious investment in … natural, organic choices as a healthy lifestyle,” said Raleigh store manager Anthony Latini.

To make space for the concept, Kerr eliminated such traditional convenience items as automotive, light bulbs, small appliances and hardware. In their place are some 3,000 products normally found in health food stores and organic food outlets. “This really hit it out of the park,” said director of marketing Diane Eliezer. “It’s brought in people who have never been in a Kerr store.”

Kerr already is planning to add the Naturally Kerr concept to more of its stores, including its pioneering drug store in Chapel Hill, N.C., where many of the company’s health-and-wellness concepts have debuted over the past decade.

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