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Keurig partners with Kraft coffee brands


WATERBURG, Vt. — Kraft and Keurig Green Mountain recently announced a partnership that will result in Maxwell House, Yuban, McCafé and Yuban coffee brands being available to owners of Keurig coffee makers.

“At Kraft, we have made significant strides in rejuvenating our coffee business across all segments — including mainstream, premium and on-demand — by focusing on driving profitable growth for our brands and our customers,” Dino Bianco, Kraft’s EVP and President, beverages, said. “This agreement offers the opportunity for expanded distribution across multiple channels, and is another example of our focus on long-term growth in action.”

The partnership will launch in the fall and make Kraft’s brands available in various packaging varieties compatible with Keurig brewing systems. In addition to single-serve K-Cups, the coffee will also be sold in K-Carafes, which brew up to four cups of coffee, and packs that can brew a half gallon of coffee with Keurig’s Bolt coffee maker.

Kraft joins the group of about 50 brands whose products Keurig’s machines can make. 

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