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Kmart launches Pay in Store


HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — Kmart is letting customers reserve items online and then pay for it and pick it up at the store, the mass merchandise retailer said.

The chain, a subsidiary of Sears Holdings, said the nationwide launch of Pay in Store for members of the Shop Your Way loyalty program marked a first in the company's "integrated retailing" program, calling it an example of how it is evolving to provide a seamless and integrated shopping experience for members, whether they shop online, through mobile or at the store.

"With Pay in Store, we offer our members more choices and provide access to online shopping for a large, underserved portion of the U.S. population that wants the convenience of shopping online but does not have a credit card or is reluctant to submit their card information via the Internet," Sears Holdings EVP and president for marketing, online and financial services Imran Jooma said. "We are addressing a need in a way no other large retailer is doing by giving members and customers ultimate flexibility, convenience and choice in how they shop and pay and the satisfaction of walking out minutes later with their items in hand."

With the program, customers ordering through can choose the Pay in Store option to reserve items for 48 hours and then head to the store after receiving a confirmation email. They then present their email confirmation, order number or phone number at the cash register and pay through credit card, debit card, gift card, points, cash or check.

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