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Kmart unveils new store concept in Illinois


CHICAGO -- Kmart has unveiled the latest example of its strategic initiative to attract loyal shoppers as well as what it calls "a new Millennial Kmart audience."

The retailer has opened a new concept in the Chicago area -- complete with an upgraded pharmacy and a beauty bar -- that aims to provide a new store experience and expanded product selection. 

"We are excited about the re-launch of the Des Plaines store because it exemplifies our dedication to our members and it's in our own backyard," says Alasdair James, president of Kmart. "We want our members to know we are listening to their feedback and bringing them new products, deals and experiences they'll love!"

The retailer's "Whole Lotta Awesome" store initiative is based on customer insights and feedback and, as a result, Kmart is providing improved and bragworthy product offerings, an enhanced shopping experience and a reinvigorated store environment for members. 

Highlights of the Des Plaines store that members experienced first-hand on Saturday included:

  • "Happy to Help" Center – an improved customer service center designed to better meet the needs of every customer, including a kid's shop where they can get toys, candy and more with their parent's Shop Your Way points 

  • The launch of the Kmart new Brand Guarantee – every member is guaranteed a minimum of $100 in coupons in their app

  • Shoparazzi – a free personal concierge service that when provided a member's list, will do the shopping for him/her. And if Kmart doesn't carry the product, they will find it at another store and it will be waiting for him/her at checkout

  • A "Super 6" shop featuring six outrageously priced items and a fully stocked grocery section packed with local, fresh produce, all backed by Kmart's "It's FRESH or it's FREE" guarantee

  • A brand new beauty bar – stocked with well-known beauty brands and experts readily available to provide hair and skincare advice

  • "Aisle of WOW!" - a special section of the store dedicated to low-priced items, limited-time only "Real Deals" and "Dollarpalooza" offering a wide selection of items, all priced at $1

  • Upgraded pharmacy – staffed with a wellness consultant to provide health advice and product recommendations

  • Enhanced brand apparel shops – popular Kmart brands you already know and love, including Joe Boxer, Jaclyn Smith and Attention.

  • A "sweet" candy section – showcasing local Chicago brands such as Ferrara®, Trolli, Fannie May and Pez

  • Expanded pet care center – offering premium dog and cat food brands., tantalizing toys and treats for your pets, and fashionable accessories

  • Full-service paint shop – featuring over 1,500 colors

  • Enhanced aesthetics – including new signage and wider aisles designed to make shopping easier and more engaging

"In an effort to evolve the Kmart brand to better serve our members, we will continue these efforts to test and learn at our stores," said Kelly Cook, Kmart's chief marketing officer. "Our goal is to deliver the best value, price, product and experience, and in doing so, we believe our members will keep coming back for more of A Whole Lotta Awesome!"

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