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Kroger, P&G partner in electronic coupon experiment


CINCINNATI Kroger and Procter & Gamble are testing out a new paperless coupon system, based on consumer loyalty cards and the Internet, according to published reports.

Shoppers visit the retailer’s Web site and choose coupons online from a list of offers. The results are then automatically loaded into their Kroger Plus Card account, and the savings is automatically processed when they purchase the products.

Reviews have been positive, according to reports. “It’s really nice, because I always forget to bring my coupons along … and I don’t have to organize them,” one shopper told the Associated Press. “You don’t have to waste your time going through all those little pieces of paper in your purse,” said another.

Other experts predict that consumers who are less computer savvy will likely prefer the traditional paper coupons. Kroger assures them that option will still be available. “We really are just trying to provide more options, not take things away,” Ken Fenyo, Kroger’s vice president for corporate loyalty, told AP. “We know many of our customers are online heavily anyway. I believe over time, more and more customers will want to use the online option.”

Fenyo said other manufacturers may also join the test, as P&G seems pleased with the results so far. “It’s very early, but we’ve been able to run the water through the pipes and from what we’ve seen, things are looking pretty good,” said Matt Kemme, a P&G marketing manager, the AP reported.

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