'Life ... Supplemented' launches WannaBeWell app for avid supplement users


WASHINGTON — The Council for Responsible Nutrition's “Life…supplemented” campaign on Wednesday launched its first mobile application, WannaBeWell. The free app, currently available on iPhones and iPads, is a comprehensive wellness resource that educates, activates and motivates those looking to live a healthier life.

“The WannaBeWell app is filled with customizable features that will help people get and stay committed to their personal wellness routines no matter where they are,” stated Judy Blatman, SVP communications at CRN. “It’s an at-your-fingertips health-and-wellness resource that brings convenience to the crucial wellness decisions consumers make on a daily basis.” 

Users will be able to personalize their own animated wellness coach and healthy lifestyle interests, such as wellness inspirations or healthy missions. For each mission that is completed or app element that is explored, users are awarded trophies that can then be promoted through social media channels. For instance, app users who take the My Wellness Scorecard will be rewarded trophies based on their current level of well-being.

Users can also set reminders for themselves and their family to take — or restock — their supplements. And users have access to the Supplemental, a weekly blog featuring a cadre of well-known experts in a variety of areas ranging from nutrition to fitness to aging gracefully, as well as the Supplement Library, which provides easy-to-navigate information on dietary supplements.

“We know that over two-thirds of American adults take dietary supplements — and that about half of American adults have smartphones, so this app should appeal to a wide audience,” stated Andy Pray, Ruder Finn Interactive, the developers of the app. “The design is consumer-friendly and easy to use, especially when it comes to customizable elements.” 

For each WannaBeWell mobile application download, a $1 donation (up to $13,500) will be made to Vitamin Angels to help reduce child mortality worldwide by connecting infants and children younger than 5 years with vital nutrients, CRN added.

“We think the dietary supplement industry will be energized by this new app; like the campaign itself, it focuses on incorporating supplements into your everyday health routine, along with other healthy lifestyle choices — in a fun but responsible way. We’re looking forward to working with the dietary supplement industry to help build momentum for downloading the app, which in turn will help support a very worthy cause — Vitamin Angels,” Blatman said.

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