McKesson highlights Health Mart annual meeting during first-quarter conference call


SAN FRANCISCO — With the Supreme Court maintaining a status quo of sorts with regard to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last month, retail pharmacy operators are going to need to continually drive efficiencies into their businesses, McKesson chairman and CEO John Hammergren noted during the wholesaler's first-quarter conference call.

McKesson recently held its annual meeting for its independent pharmacy customers where more than just supply chain solutions were on display. "At the conference we highlighted solutions that helped independent pharmacists enhance patient loyalty and outcomes and broaden the range of services they provide," Hammergren said. "Solutions like McKesson's sponsored clinical services network, which enables independent pharmacists to play a greater role in providing patient care and services, in addition to growing their revenues." Sponsored clinical services is a network of 13,000 community pharmacies delivering a suite of patient-centered programs, including education, support and behavioral coaching, he added. "The network streamlines the relationship between pharmacies, manufacturers and payer-sponsored programs focused on increasing adherence and improving patient care. Participating pharmacies benefit from the opportunity to increase customer loyalty, earn service fees and build their relationships with patients as a partner in their health care."

McKesson also is making available new social, Web and mobile technologies to help independents connect with their patients. "A significant number of attendees were Heath Mart pharmacy owners and pharmacists. With nearly 3,000 stores across the country, Health Mart has become the franchise model of choice for independent pharmacy owners looking to complement their local identity with a national brand," he said. "Health Mart continues to invest in new solutions to help these stores grow their business, including private label over-the-counter healthcare products and new consumer-facing web and mobile platforms."

McKesson on Thursday reported revenues of $30.8 billion, up 3%, for its first quarter ended June 30.

Distribution Solutions revenues were up 3% for the first quarter. U.S. pharmaceutical distribution revenues were up 4% for the first quarter, primarily reflecting market growth and new business with existing customers.

Medical-Surgical distribution and services revenues were up 9% for the first quarter.

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