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McKesson shareholders re-elect board


SAN FRANCISCO — McKesson on Wednesday announced preliminary voting results from its annual meeting of stockholders held here earlier. All board members were re-elected and all board vote recommendations were upheld, with the exception of the advisory vote on executive compensation and the shareholder proposal on the company’s compensation clawback policy.

“We appreciate the support shown by our shareholders today and the thoughtful way many have engaged with us as they carefully considered the proposals presented,” stated John Hammergren, McKesson chairman and CEO. “This year’s proxy vote provided another opportunity for us to hear from shareholders, and we are committed to responding to their feedback while remaining focused on delivering significant long-term value for our investors.”

The shareholder vote announced today is considered preliminary until the final results are tabulated and certified by the independent inspector of election. The final results will be reported on a Form 8-K that will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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