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Medicare, telemedicine to affect testing supplies sales


There are two issues concerning the business of diabetes monitoring that are playing out right now, one a little more immediate. 

As soon as 2013, when Medicare’s competitive bidding of durable medical equipment — which includes diabetes testing supplies — as it relates to mail order goes into effect, many pharmacies may be precluded from delivering diabetes test supplies to their patients. Currently 45% of community pharmacies deliver diabetes supplies to assisted living facilities, according to the National Community 
Pharmacists Association. 

Sales of lancets and devices across food, drug and mass (excluding Walmart) totaled $17.2 million for the 52 weeks ended Aug. 12, up 3.1%, according to SymphonyIRI group data. 

The second issue: losing the care opportunity of that diabetes patient as telemedicine opportunities develop. Nipro and NextGen Healthcare Information Systems recently partnered on a connectivity agreement that enables users of the NextGen Ambulatory EHR instant access to data points captured by patients at home who are 
using the Nipro TRUEresult blood-glucose monitoring system. 

Right now it’s more push than pull, however, as caregivers only access the data during a consult as opposed to remote patient monitoring.



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