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Meijer gears up for holidays with seasonal hiring


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Meijer is preparing to hire thousands of new employees for its stores as it prepares for this year's holiday season and continued growth throughout the Midwest.

"Customer service is one of the things that truly sets Meijer apart from our competition," Meijer EVP operations Janet Emerson said. "Our goal is to deliver the best customer experience and the lowest prices, and as we continue to grow it's so important that we have the right levels of staff and the right people in those roles."

While staffing needs vary from store to store, all Meijer stores have positions available. Interested candidates may complete an online application at or at the employment kiosks located at the front of most Meijer stores.

"While most of the seasonal opportunities are part-time, these jobs can provide a gateway to a full-time career at Meijer," said Jenny Hawat, VP talent recruitment and retention. "As we move into a new year, we frequently look to seasonal employees first to fill our on-going part-time and full-time needs. It is a wonderful opportunity to get your foot in the door and demonstrate success within a growing company."

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