Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food makes debut


SAN FRANCISCO — Meow Mix has introduced a new line of cat food that combines the flavors of meat and fish.

Meow Mix Tender Centers are dual-textured kibbles that have a crunchy outside and a meaty center, and are available in tuna and white fish flavors, and salmon and white meat chicken flavors. The launch of the product also marks the return of the Meow Mix jingle, which stopped airing 16 years ago.

"The Meow Mix Jingle brings back a sense of nostalgia and is a classic advertising spot that many people can even recite by memory," Del Monte Foods director of cat food marketing Sue Resnicoff said. "In launching Meow Mix Tender Centers, we are thrilled to bring back the jingle after so many years, reminding our consumers of that wistful feeling once again."

According to Kelton Research, the Meow Mix jingle is the No. 2 most memorable American jingle, just behind the Oscar Mayer song. The research also found that 39% respondents know the Meow Mix Jingle better than all of their online passwords, including Facebook, their email account and more, while 32% of all respondents admitted that the Meow Mix jingle was easier to recite than the Pledge of Allegiance.

Meow Mix Tender Centers is available at stores nationwide.

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