Merrick Pet Care launches new dog food recipes


AMARILLO, Texas — Merrick Pet Care has introduced a new line of dog food recipes.

Calling it a "pet food revolution," the company said the new line is made according to the highest nutritional standards and features seven classic varieties (containing 60% meat/poultry/fish, 20% fruits and vegetables and 20% whole grains) and four grain-free varieties (containing 70% meat/poultry/fish and 30% fruits and vegetables). Merrick Pet Care also is encouraging consumers to visit the brand's Facebook page to receive updates on the 11 new dog food recipes, which will tout new packaging and soon be rolled out to stores and online.

"Our intention is to create the most nutritionally superior products available. Because dogs want what we want: real whole food, worthy of a fork," Merrick VP marketing Carolyn Hanigan said. "We invite pet parents to join us in the food revolution. Merrick will ensure dogs everywhere get the food they've been begging for."

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