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Method's latest product line packaged with ocean, post-consumer recycled plastic


SAN FRANCISCO — A cleaning product company is launching a limited-edition product that is bottled in innovative and sustainable packaging.

Method said its two-in-one hand and dish soap, available exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide, is packaged in bottles made from a blend of plastic recovered from the ocean and post-consumer recycled plastic. Method partnered with Envision Plastics to develop a new recycling process to make the bottles. The process allows plastics recovered from the ocean to be cleaned, blended, and then remanufactured into high quality recycled plastic that is the same quality as virgin high-density polyethylene plastic.

"Our goal with ocean plastic packaging is to show that the most viable solution to our plastic pollution problem is using the plastic that's already on the planet," Method cofunder Adam Lowry said. "Method's ocean plastic bottle demonstrates in the extreme that recycling is possible. By recycling and reusing plastic to make our bottles, we turn off the tap of plastic flowing into our oceans and take the first, most important step toward solving the ocean plastic problem."

Available in two fragrances — sea minerals and sweet water — Method's limited-edition soap carry a suggested retail price of $4.99.

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