Mobeam, ProLogic enter strategic partnership to enable digital coupons on mobile devices


SAN FRANCISCO — Mobeam and ProLogic are joining forces to enable the processing of digital coupons on mobile devices.

The partnership will combine Mobeam's light-based beaming technology and ProLogic's digital coupon clearing solution to create a completely digitized coupon system for consumers and retailers. Consumers can acquire and digitally redeem coupons, while retailers can digitally process and clear the coupon to complete the transaction loop.

"Real digital coupons — those that can be digitally displayed and redeemed at checkout via a mobile device — hold enormous value for consumers, retailers and the brands offering the coupons," Mobeam CEO Chris Sellers said. "Someday soon, we will look back at the archaic way we used to present, redeem, and process coupons and wonder why it took us so long to go purely digital. This partnership is a giant leap to get us there."

Added ProLogic president and CEO Ross Ely, "ProLogic has always been the retailer's advocate for coupon clearing and with the rise of mobile technology we are leading the drive towards digital coupon processing as the industry evolves. Mobeam is the perfect complement to ProLogic’s clearing and settlement system, and together these technologies will drive the evolution of the coupon to a purely digital state, which benefits everyone in the retail economy."

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