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Moberg Pharma's Kerasal NeuroCream launches at U.S. drug stores, Walmart


STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Moberg Pharma AB today announced its U.S. launch of Kerasal NeuroCream, an over-the-counter pain relieving foot cream. This new product will be sold in over 3,800 Walmart stores and in CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid drug stores starting late August.

Approximately 30 million Americans experience frequent foot pain and many simultaneously suffer from cold feet and dry skin. Painful, cold, dry feet may be associated with various conditions, including diabetes, fibromyalgia, shingles, arthritis, joint pain, muscle strain, or trauma. Kerasal NeuroCream is a triple action formula that relieves stabbing, burning, tingling foot pain, warms cold feet, and soothes and moisturizes dry skin. Kerasal NeuroCream is easily applied with a “no mess” foam applicator.

The active ingredients of Kerasal NeuroCream, capsaicin and camphor, have a well-established use as topical pain relievers, are naturally occurring and derived from plants. Moberg Pharma has utilized its Fusome skin delivery system, currently used in Moberg’s JointFlex Pain Relieving Cream, to formulate Kerasal NeuroCream, enabling a rapid delivery of effective pain relievers to the pain source.

“Kerasal NeuroCream is an innovative addition to our product portfolio. It leverages one of our existing drug delivery technologies along with proven active ingredients, to provide a solution that meets an unmet consumer need. Kerasal NeuroCream further strengthens the Kerasal brand, our leadership in the topical OTC foot care space in the U.S. and our value to retail partners”, said Peter Wolpert, CEO of Moberg Pharma AB.

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