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Mobile telemedicine clinics hit the road in Miami


MIAMI — A new program in south Florida will provide health care for children in underserved communities using mobile telemedicine.

The Children's Health Fund and Verizon Foundation announced the launch of the first "telemedicine clinics on wheels," connecting children to specialists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Fifteen of the mobile clinics will be equipped with the latest health information technology from the Verizon Foundation.

The program, which launches in Miami, allows underserved local patients to consult with specialists using the University of Miami's telehealth program. Each clinic has a high-speed 4G LTE wireless broadband connection and upgraded telecommunications equipment that allows the clinic to provide services from any of its delivery sites.

"Children's Health Fund has been operating mobile medical clinics for 26 years, but these sophisticated technology upgrades from Verizon are helping us to create the next generation of mobile care, with real-time connectivity that enable doctors, patients and resources at our hospital affiliates like the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to communicate like never before," Children's Health Fund chief information officer Jeb Weisman said. "The potential for better care is exciting as we work with Verizon to develop this telemedicine capacity here in Miami and as we collaborate on other innovative programs across the country."

The Verizon Foundation and Children's Health Fund plan to roll out health information technology projects to reach children in Detroit, Dallas, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco.

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