Most shoppers stray from lists for impulse buys, study finds


DENVER, Colo. — Despite using shopping lists as a budget tool to eliminate unnecessary purchases, 9-out-of-10 shoppers still buy items not on their list, according to new research from the Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research.

Among those who strayed from their shopping lists, 66% of them said were motivated by a sale or promotion, 30% said they found a coupon and 23% wanted to pamper themselves, according to the study "The Checkout." When it came to making lists, 61% said they were primarily influenced by a brand they currently use, while more than half said coupons and store advertisements or circulars influenced their list (56% and 57%, respectively). Interestingly enough, Integer and M/A/R/C reported that despite these list-making habits, respondents typically don't write down the brand names of products, but rather the product type.

"Our data shows that 61% of off-list shoppers purchase an additional one to three items," Integer SVP Craig Elston said. "This shows that if you reach a particular shopper at the right moment with the right message, for example — using in-store signage to play into their desire to pamper themselves — it can end with that item being added to their basket."

To download "The Checkout," visit Integer's blog,

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