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MSI franchisees recognized for excellence at Cardinal Health RBC 2016

Standing in the Chicago Cultural Center underneath the largest Tiffany glass dome in the world, Cardinal Health VP Medicine Shoppe International, Inc. John Fiacco presented seven Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy and Medicap Pharmacy franchisees with Operational Excellence, Clinical Innovation and Professional Achievement awards. He also named the MSI Franchisee of the Year.

Fiacco awarded the top accolade to Greg Johansen, who operates 16 Medicap locations in central Iowa under GRX Holdings. Johansen has been in the pharmacy industry for more than 40 years and serves on Drake University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences National Advisory Board. He is previously an SVP for MSI.

“Greg truly embodies Medicap Pharmacy and Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy values,” Fiacco said at the ceremony, where GRX Holdings VP Operations Karen Merrill and VP Marketing Nicolle McClure accepted the award on Johansen’s behalf. “I thank him for all that he does for our system and for pharmacy. He truly is one of the leaders in pharmacy.”

Earlier in the night, Fiacco handed out Operational Excellence Awards, including one to Rhonda and Joe Yarzab, who operate two stores in western Pennsylvania and one in central New York. Their work providing immunizations, home delivery, compounding and a new drive-through at their Hermitage, Pennsylvania, location earned them a nod from MSI. Similarly, Los Angeles-area pharmacy owner Michael Tadros’ work offering diabetes clinic services, home infusion and AIDS services, and pharmacy delivery in a 50-mile radius awarded him the honor.

“The Operational Excellence Award recognizes stores for things they do that go above and beyond, and push their stores to greater heights,” Fiacco said, noting that because of their offerings, the Yarzabs have “seen double-digit increases in their sales over an extended period of time. They continue to embody community involvement and support, and they’re great examples of Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy ownership. “

A new feature of the awards ceremony was the Clinical Innovation Awards, which began this year out of an interest in recognizing the clinical services aspect of community pharmacy. Steve and Colleen Pardi, who own Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy 1579 in Ilion, N.Y., received the award. Their pharmacy completes 100% of its medication therapy management programs and has more than 200 patients enrolled in medication synchronization.

Also recognized for the Clinical Innovation Award were David and Sherril Wells of Medicap Pharmacy 8253 in Sylvania, Georgia. They also close nearly all their MTMs and offer free blood-pressure testing. Their clinical offerings also have raised nearly all of their EQuIPP ratings to the five-star level. Fiacco awarded a third Clinical Innovation Award to Jim Cherry of Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy 0534 in Somerset, Kentucky. His pharmacy has become a destination for immunizations and support with diabetes care and home health care. His pharmacy also offers a weight-loss solution.

“He offers long-term care, specialty drugs and has a weight-loss program,” Fiacco said. “He and his staff are constantly striving for perfection.”

Fiacco also singled out Beaux Cole as the winner of the Professional Achievement Award. A member of the Illinois Pharmacists Association and the operator of a compounding facility, Cole also mentors student pharmacists and was named pharmacist of the month by the Professional Compounding Centers of America in 2015.

“I've had the pleasure of being in Beaux’s pharmacies. These are state-of-the art compounding facilities,” Fiacco said. “When I have a question about compounding, I will call Beaux because he is an expert, and he's focused his career in community pharmacy on working with patients and physicians to improve outcomes.”
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