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Nad's introduces nose wax


LOS ANGELES — Hair removal brand Nad's has announced the launch of Nad's nose wax for men and women, a complete do-it-yourself nose wax system for removing nose hair.

Containing chamomile and aloe, Nad’s nose wax is applied with the Nad’s Safetip applicator that is designed to target the hair around the edge of the nostril, only removing hairs that are sticking out or easily noticed. The specially formulated wax also can be used to remove blackheads from the nose’s surface.

Each package of Nad’s nose wax contains three treatment packs, a "Moustache Stencil" for men, post wax calming wipes and antibacterial wipes. Nad’s nose wax retails for $29.99.

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, Nad’s was founded by Sue Ismiel, a mother who created a natural, no heat hair removal product for her young daughter from ingredients she took from her own kitchen. The use of Nad's natural hair removal gel spread from Ismiel’s family to friends, and ultimately, to the entire consumer market of Australia. In 1998, Nad's natural hair removal gel entered the U.S. market and now also is sold in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Middle East.


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