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New color scheme to set apart latest Duracell battery model


BETHEL, Conn. — Duracell has introduced a new battery that it said would provide more power than previous models.

The Procter & Gamble-owned brand announced the launch of Duracell Quantum, which includes a Hi-Density Core and PowerCheck per indicator. The battery is sold in a red and copper color scheme.

"Duracell Quantum was engineered from the ground up to offer consumers a premium alkaline battery," Duracell North America general manager Volker Kuhn said. "For the first time in 50 years, we're changing the color to red and copper to symbolize the quantum leap in power for Duracell."

Duracell Quantum is available now in AA and AAA cell sizes at mass merchandisers, drug and hardware stores nationwide.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is as follows:

  • Regular packs (AA2/AAA2) $3.47-$5.47;

  • Regular packs (AA4/AAA4) $4.97-$7.97;

  • Regular packs (AA6/AAA6) $6.47-$8.47;

  • Saver packs (AA8/AAA8) $7.47-$11.47;

  • Value pack (AA12/AAA12) $10.97-$14.97;

  • Value packs (AA16/AAA16) $11.97-$20.97;

  • Mega packs (AA20/AAA20) $13.97-$25.97.

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