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New Half Time Drill Driver makes way to retail


PITTSBURGH — The Half Time Drill Driver has entered the market.

How it works: The Half Time Drill Driver allows a users to select two different size bits, drill the pilot hole, flip the drill driver's pivot arm and then drive in any screw, nut or fastener. The patent-pending swivel head flips and locks, providing the user an easy switch from drilling to driving in several seconds.

The product has received a license from InventHelp, an invention submission company. "We are pleased to announce that one of our clients' products is on the shelves of several large chain stores around the country," said Nicole Hait, director of communications for InventHelp. "This InventHelp client, a machinist by trade, prides himself on thinking up ideas which solve problems in his field. His invention, the Half Time Drill Driver, is a power tool attachment that enables the user to quickly switch from a drill to a screwdriver, without having to change bits, in less than two seconds. This accessory can drill and countersink a hole in one step."

The Half Time Drill Driver such retailers as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and other major retailers nationwide.

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