New party cup can be used again and again


WOODRIDGE, Ill. — Trudeau has debuted the Reusable Party Cup.

Reminiscent of the red plastic cups that frequently make appearances at festivities across the country, Trudeau's reusable cup seeks to echo the same sentiment without affecting the environment.

"We are very enthusiastic and proud to be manufacturing our new reusable Red Party Cup," Trudeau USA EVP Marty Armstrong said. "Americans across the country can continue to celebrate and reuse their personal Red Party Cup over and over again while also saving the environment."

The Red Party Cup by Trudeau is available as a single cup, a 4-pack, and 6-pack. Trudeau is offering 72-count floor stands and 60-count round bin displays for merchandising at retail. The suggested retail price for a single cup will be $5.99 and product will be available in stores nationwide and online at in August. The cup will be the first product in a complete Party Collection by Trudeau. The Trudeau reusable cup soon also will be available in blue, yellow and green and will include an easy peel-off nametag for personalizing.

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