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New pill bottle cap aims to simplify adherence


NEW YORK — Remind-A-Cap announced the introduction of a patented pill bottle cap that simplifies adherence for consumers. The device allows individuals to set the next date of medication intake by turning a knob, helping to promote better health outcomes and regulating medication intake, the company said.

“My morning routine when I was going through treatment usually included the dreaded ‘Did I take my pill’ question,” said Nick Ramoundos, founder of Remind-A-Cap. “With everything that a person goes through while undergoing treatment, I didn’t want my life — or anyone’s life — to be at risk over something so controllable.”

Through market research and case studies, the company found a 53% increase in patients who adhered to medication when using the product, according to the company.

“Our goal is clear. We want to promote higher prescription compliance in pursuit of better health outcomes on a large scale,” Ramoundos said.

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