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New Softlips Marshmallow Ghost hits shelves just in time for Halloween


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — The Mentholatum Co.’s Softlips brand has announced the launch of a new Halloween-themed lip balm that is hitting retail stores in early September.

The new Softlips Marshmallow Ghost will be featured as part of a Halloween-themed two-pack that includes the Softlips Vanilla lip balm.

Softlips Marshmallow Ghost features the flavor and fragrance of fresh, fluffy marshmallows. To make this pack even more bewitching, Softlips Marshmallow Ghost also will be offered in a limited edition black stick — a Halloween-appropriate twist on Softlips' traditional white stick.

Both Softlips Marshmallow Ghost and Softlips Vanilla are moisturizing lip protectants with SPF 20, making them ideal for the upcoming colder months.


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