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New therapeutic, heated pillows use cherry pits for pain relief


SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — The Hot Cherry Pillow has been introduced to consumers seeking therapeutic relief from neck pain, backaches, sore muscles or tired feet. Using real cherry pits inside a fabric cover, the heated pillows provide muscle relief and emit the enticing aroma of cherry pie, according to the company.

"I created Hot Cherry Pillows to offer relief for anyone who suffers from chronic pain or stress," said J'Nelle Holland, the company's founder. "My goal was to create a product that would have a dual purpose by making an impact on my customers' lives, while also helping our environment."

Hot Cherry Pillows are 100% sustainable and American-made with real pits from the Michigan tart cherry industry. The pits are cleaned and dried by a special process using only water and heat before they are encased in a naturally dyed denim derived from the bark of the Hawaiian macadamia tree.

The new therapeutic pillows are available online at and on Amazon.

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