New Viviscal Hair Repair tablets battle damaged hair from within


CHICAGO — Lifes2good, developer of the hair loss supplement Viviscal, has announced the launch of its newest product: Viviscal Hair Repair.

The new tablets specifically target women with hair damaged from heat treatments, chemical treatments, coloring, extensions, poor diet, pollution and stress. Hair Repair features a new formulation that is designed to target damaged and over-styled tresses, repairing from within and restoring health and strength.

"This is the first of our hair growth products to deliver a targeted solution for damaged, over-styled hair that works from the inside out," stated Mark Holland, CEO at Lifes2good. "A recent survey conducted for our Viviscal brand showed that 87% of consumers know that over-styling, coloring and straightening hair over a prolonged period of time does significant damage to hair, yet more than 68% of women surveyed continue to receive these treatments. These findings are striking, and we knew that we needed to create a specific formula to address the needs of these consumers."

Viviscal Hair Repair also contains the exclusive AminoMar C Marine Complex that provides proteins, selenium, biotin and folic acid, plus grape seed extract.

Viviscal Hair Repair tablets are available at Rite Aid and retail for $29.99 for a 30-day supply.

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