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Nipro nabs P.J. Noyes


FORT LAUDERALE, Fla. — Nipro Diagnostics on Monday announced the acquisition of P.J. Noyes, a privately-held manufacturer of OTC health care, personal care products, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. With the acquisition, Nipro will have a product portfolio footprint that expands across all diabetes-related OTC products.

The expanded diabetes-centric product portfolio will provide an affordable solution for patients taking advantage of diabetes education services at the retail pharmacy. It complements diabetes disease state management offerings, Scott Verner, Nipro president and CEO, told DSN. It empowers “our retail partners to have what they need, and support[ing] their patients is everything in a solution,” he said. “That’s why we call it an ecosystem, because you have blood-glucose meters and you have all the other products needed to surround that patient.”

P.J. Noyes’ products include tablets, gels and liquids, with products ranging from nutritional supplements, homeopathic products, and skin creams and lotions to oral care solutions, pain relief products and hypoglycemic products.

The new products fit well into Nipro’s co-branded marketing strategy, it said.

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