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Nuk USA supports National Breast Cancer Foundation via new campaign


NEW YORK — Nuk USA announced that it will donate a portion of sales from its entire breast-feeding product line to the National Breast Cancer Foundation now through December 2013.

As part of its support for NBCF, the Nuk brand is inviting breast cancer survivors to share their stories of hope on the Nuk USA Facebook page, in an effort to inspire other women and show they can fight breast cancer, overcome the disease and still become moms.

"This 15-month program demonstrates our commitment to this worthy cause and supports our commitment to breast-feeding as a wonderful way to nurture [a] baby," Nuk USA VP marketing Walter Lehneis said. "Through this campaign, we hope to amplify the benefits of breast-feeding, as well as help moms succeed with simple, easy to use breast-feeding products."

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