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Office Depot to debut office supplies in convenience stores


BOCA RATON, Fla. Office Depot and Lil’ Drug Store Products have announced an exclusive partnership that will enable the distribution of Office Depot office supplies for sale in convenience stores throughout the country.

Office Depot will supply Lil’ Drug Store Products with an assortment of more than 25 frequently used office products that are sized and packaged for convenience stores. Lil’ Drug Store will redistribute those products to convenience stores nationwide. Products being offered start around $1.29 and will include pens, scissors, envelopes, notebooks, calculators, tape, markers and more.

“This partnership offers new convenience to our customers and their shoppers. It makes frequently needed products more readily available at the corner store or gas station -- whether you’re a business traveler who forgot some items or a mom or dad who needs something for a school project,” said Paul Rossberger, VP sales and marketing for Lil’ Drug Store.

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