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Online holiday spending continues at 15% growth clip


RESTON, Va. — Following recent e-commerce trends released by ComScore, online spending continues to grow at a consistent 15% rate. As reported earlier, holiday e-commerce spending rose 15% year over year to $26.8 billion for the first 42 days of the shopping season, through Dec. 12.

And on Sunday, ComScore released its latest findings, that online sales surpassed $1 billion on four days during the work week of Dec.12 to 16, a 15% increase over the same period last year.

"Free shipping is undoubtedly one of the most important incentives for consumers and has become a key driver of online buying activity over the past few years," ComScore chairman Gian Fulgoni said.

Over the holiday shopping season to date, consumers have spent $30.9 billion toward online purchases during the current holiday season. ComScore also said, however, that spending has reached a crescendo for this season and will begin to slow as Christmas nears.

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