Onset Dermatologics announces availability of Tretin-X for acne


CUMBERLAND, R.I. — Onset Dermatologics, which makes prescription products for improving skin health, has announced the nationwide availability of Tretin-X (tretinoin, USP) Cream 0.075% for the treatment of acne.

“Tretin-X Cream 0.075% offers dermatologists an option for dosing flexibility with the same elegant cream vehicle as our popular Tretin-X 0.0375%,” stated Robert Moccia, president of Onset Dermatologics and CEO of Precision Dermatology. “Dermatology practitioners might consider Tretin-X 0.075% for an acne patient who is ready to move from a lower concentration of tretinoin to a higher concentration or whose disease severity requires a greater tretinoin strength.”

Tretin-X Cream 0.075% was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2013 and has been available in limited geographic areas since November.

"Topical retinoids, such as Tretin-X, are the cornerstone of acne therapy because they reduce inflammation and the formation of comedones, meaning whiteheads and blackheads, which are the hallmark of the disease,” added Hilary Baldwin, associate professor of dermatology at State University of New York - Downstate. “As dermatologists, we know patients will adhere to therapy better when they like the way the product feels. Many of my acne patients with concerns about tolerability prefer a cream vehicle, instead of a gel.”



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