Ora paper towels offer U.S. consumers a new way to clean up


NEW YORK -- British consumer goods company Better All Round has launched its innovative, round paper towels in the United States.

Now available at Target stores, Ora paper towels offer a compact, cone-shaped stacking system with no cardboard inner tube. Ora is also the first round-shaped paper towel that offers a one-hand grab and guarantees no tearing, unraveling or waste.

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Ora in the United States,” said Better All

Round Founder and CEO Oday Abbosh. “We created Ora to truly be better all around, and serve as a versatile, aesthetically pleasing and better-for-theenvironment product. We hope this launch will allow consumers in Texas and across the country to experience first-hand the benefits of incorporating Ora into their daily household routine.“

Ora is available in the U.S. in three sizes: single, double and triple. The suggested retail price for a single pack of Ora is $2.99, a double pack is $5.49 and a triple pack is $7.99. The company says it is looking to expand distribution beyond Target in the United States in 2017.

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