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Packaged Facts: Private-label nonfood pet supplies realize gain


ROCKVILLE, Md. — Private-label sales continue to advance in the nonfood pet supplies market, according to a new Packaged Facts report.

"Pet Supplies and Pet Care Products in the U.S.," which tracked mass market sales of nonfood pet supplies, found that sales increased by just 1% during the 52 weeks ended in May, while private-label sales of such products experienced a 15% jump. This strong performance lifted the private-label share of pet supplies by two percentage points to 23%. The private-label share peaks with dog chews, holding at 42% of dollar sales.

The incursion of private label into nonfood pet supplies reflects a longer-term trend, the report noted. From 2003 to 2009, store brands steadily gained across nonfood pet supplies categories except cat litter, whose private-label share has held steady in the 14% range, a testament to the strength and deep advertising pockets of national brands in the category, Packaged Facts said.

For the full report, click here.

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