Pez debuts new soft candy


ORANGE, Conn. — Pez Candy announced the introduction of Pez Hedz, a soft-candy chew shaped in whimsical designs. 


Pez Hedz will be introduced with two designs: Hello Kitty in strawberry and raspberry flavors; and Pez Bearz in peach, grape and cherry flavors. The candy measures slightly larger than a quarter in size and has a gummy element to them. The raspberry-flavored Helly Kitty variety has a blueberry bow and the grape-flavored Bearz design features lemon -and strawberry-flavored ears.


“As has been the case for nearly 88 years, Pez has produced products with iconic shapes and character heads, Pez Hedz will continue this tradition attracting a broader range of consumers," stated Joe Vittoria, president and CEO of Pez Candy. "Whether consumers will enjoy them whole or eat the different parts one bite at a time, Pez Hedz are just as much fun as our traditional Pez dispensers and candy.”

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