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P&G calls on experts to help alleviate bedtime woes


CINCINNATI — Americans are struggling to fall asleep on Sunday nights and they have the stresses of the week ahead to thank for it, according to a new online survey commissioned by Procter & Gamble. The Harris Poll-conducted survey of more than 2,000 adults in the United States revealed that 68% blame stress they may encounter at work or school. 


The nationwide consumer poll also revealed the following:


  • Twenty-nine percent say that not getting enough rest on Sunday affects the rest of their week;

  • On average, it takes 64 minutes to fall asleep after getting into bed on Sunday; and

  • Eight-nine percent report that there are certain steps they can take before going to bed to lead to a restful night’s sleep.


P&G consulted Jenni Pulos of Bravo’s “Flipping Out” to help alleviate the problems Americans are having with getting enough rest. Pulos counts P&G brands Febreze and ZzzQuil as trusted resources in the battle against sleeplessness.


"With a schedule as hectic as mine, it's important to get a good night sleep to wake refreshed," Pulos said. "However, like other Americans some nights I find myself in bed willing myself to fall asleep, which is why I'm so excited to partner with brands like Febreze and ZzzQuil to help occasional sleep sufferers, like myself, get a good night sleep." 


Pulos also offered useful tips that may lead to a better sleep experience:


  • Painting your room. Calming cool-color shades, such as grey and taupe, are known to create a calm atmosphere;

  • Create a soothing environment. Misting a soothing scent, such as the ones found in the Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedroom Mist collection, as you’re preparing for bed can help you unwind, Pulos said;

  • Taking time for yourself. Pulos suggests taking advantage of quality “me” time, which includes flipping on a show or reading a book. But 30 minutes before you hit the sheets, turn the television off and avoid using smartphones and tablets, Pulos advised; and

  • If you still can’t fall asleep. Some nights, it’s difficult no matter what steps you take. Pulos recommends ZzzQuil to help consumers drift off to sleep more easily and wake more refreshed.

In addition to Pulos’ tips, P&G called on experts from the National Sleep Foundation for advice on how to achieve a good night’s sleep:


  • Wind down. The experts recommended establishing a bedtime routine and to avoid activities that might excite you. A hot bath can also help relax you;

  • Cool down. Turn down the thermostat to between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit; and 

  • Can’t sleep? Then get out from under the covers and do something relaxing for 20 to 30 minutes in dim light, the experts suggest. When you’re sleepy, head back to bed.

Looking for more tips? Febreze, ZzzQuil, Jenni Pulos and the National Sleep Foundation will take to Twitter for a party on Wednesday, March 4 at 8 p.m. to discuss sleeping best practices using the hashtag #SleepSoundly. 

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