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P&G launches Febreze pet-odor products


CINCINNATI Procter & Gamble has launched two new products to eliminate pet-related odor under the Febreze brand, the company announced Tuesday.

The products include an odor-neutralizing candle, Febreze Candles Pet Odor Eliminator, and Febreze NOTICEables Pet Odor Eliminator, a scented oil.

The company said that while other air fresheners cover up pet odors, its new products eliminate the odors from the air and deliver a fresh scent.

“The success of Febreze Fabric Refresher and Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator has led the brand to extend freshness to more pet homes across the country,” Febreze brand manager Scott Beal said. “The addition of Febreze Candles and Febreze NOTICEables Pet Odor Eliminator will provide pet owners freshness and odor elimination benefits in a broader and more versatile line.”

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