Pharmavite to utilize LearnSomething’s ShopperAssist


NEW YORK One of the more significant points of differentiation between specialty channels that sell supplements and mass retailers sporting supplements is education — those specialty channels oftentimes have a dedicated, educated sales force interacting with customers around what to buy and why to buy.


This kind of program levels that playing field a little bit.


The fact of the matter, though, is this isn’t going to increase traffic — specialty channel shoppers aren’t one day going to have an epiphany and forsake that personalized expert service with what amounts to a digital shelftalker.

But this program should increase average marketbasket.

First, because this shelftalker actually talks, which is how many shoppers really get their information these days — either through watching Katie Couric deliver the nightly news (or Jon Stewart if you’re younger) or by watching video clips online. It’s an educational snippet that might not only drive a purchase for the person who pushed the “play” button, but might also grab the attention of someone just happening by.

Second, because this digital shelftalker is an eye-catching, interactive shelftalker that actually educates consumers around which supplements they should use and why. It’s going to attract attention merely from its place on shelf, and that might be enough to convert a non-supplement user into a supplement buyer.

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