PhRMA names recipients of the 2014 Research and Hope Awards


WASHINGTON — The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America on Thursday announced the recipients of the 2014 Research and Hope Awards, honoring researchers and patient advocates for their role in advancing biopharmaceutical research and improving patients’ access to care. This year’s awardees were recognized for their role in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


PhRMA along with 22 patient and community health organizations honored the 2014 award winners at an annual awards dinner in Washington, which also featured a conversation with former President George W. Bush and a keynote address by Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


"I am grateful for the generosity of the American people and to those individuals and organizations who are leading the fight to combat HIV/AIDS," stated Bush, who spoke about his administration's efforts to combat HIV/AIDS around the world. "PEPFAR has stopped the AIDS pandemic from destroying the continent of Africa, and we must continue the momentum and build on its successes. The U.S. must lead this effort."


“Millions of patients are living longer, healthier lives thanks to the hard work and dedication of this year’s award winners,” stated Ian Read, PhRMA’s chairman of the board of cirectors and chairman and CEO of Pfizer. “These individuals are distinguished members of the scientific and advocacy communities whose contributions have transformed the lives of patients impacted by HIV/AIDS.”


Multiple medical advancements have taken place since 1981, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified the first five cases of HIV/AIDS. Since anti-retroviral treatments were approved in 1995, HIV/AIDS-related deaths in the United States have dropped by 83% , resulting in a 32% decline in HIV/AIDS-related hospitalizations. These medicines are improving overall care for patients and are helping to prevent costs associated with treating the disease. According to a University of Chicago study, HIV/AIDS patients today live 15 years longer than in the 1980s.


“The tremendous progress that has been made over the years in HIV/AIDS research and care would not have been possible without the contributions made by this year’s award winners and the other men and women who have dedicated their lives to this important cause,” said PhRMA president and CEO John Castellani. “These individuals give us hope that we will someday be able to find a cure for this deadly disease.”


A new report released by PhRMA found that there are currently 44 medicines and vaccines in the development pipeline, including 25 antivirals, 16 vaccines and three cell/gene therapies.


Recipients of the PhRMA 2014 Research & Hope Awards are:


  • The PhRMA Research & Hope Award for Academic Research went to Raymond Schinazi, Emory University. Schinazi was honored for his pioneering work that led to the development of drugs that are the backbone of combination regimens used in the treatment of HIV-1 infection;

  • The PhRMA Research & Hope Award for Biopharmaceutical Industry Research was awarded to Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Discovery Medicine, Virology Team. The Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Virology Team, led by Dennis Grasela, was recognized for its longstanding work to develop an innovative HIV-1 attachment inhibitor and bring forward a drug candidate that may allow the possibility of viral suppression for HIV patients. The full team includes George Hanna, John Kadow, Mark Krystal and Nick Meanwell;

  • The PhRMA Research & Hope Award for Excellence in Advocacy & Activism was awarded to Phill Wilson, founder and CEO Black AIDS Institute. Wilson received the award for his work in engaging and mobilizing black institutions and individuals in efforts to confront HIV;

  • The PhRMA Research & Hope Award for Community Champion was awarded to Kathie Hiers, CEO AIDS Alabama. Hiers was honored for her ongoing efforts in helping people with HIV/AIDS live healthy, independent lives; and

  • The PhRMA Research & Hope Award for Visibility & Progress Award was awarded to Hydeia Loren Broadbent, HIV/AIDS activist. Broadbent, a distinguished international public speaker and HIV/AIDS activist, was recognized for spreading the message of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention since the age of six years.  



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