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PillDrill named 'Best New Product' at ECRM’s Home Health Care EPPS event

From left: DSN area manager Alex Tomas, Jacob Guernsey, creative director, PillDrill; Peter Havas, CEO, PillDrill; Dennis Gurka, director sales, PillDrill; Michael Castillo, SVP pharmacy/medical markets, ECRM

DALLAS — PillDrill won this year’s Drug Store News/ECRM Most Innovative Product Award for the Home Health Care category at ECRM’s Home Health Care EPPS event, held here Feb. 21 to 24.

Buyers cast votes on product innovation and packaging, and the winning product was selected from approximately 20 entries.

PillDrill was developed to be a smart, friendly medication tracking system that simplifies the task of everyday pill taking. It gives reminders when pills need to be taken, tracks what’s being taken with a quick scan and sends real-time adherence updates to those people involved in the patients' well-being.

“We learned early on that medication adherence is not a technology problem, it’s a human problem,” said Peter Havas, CEO PillDrill. “So what makes PillDrill special is that it’s completely user-centric. It’s not some complicated piece of hardware, and it’s not an app; those things don’t really work for people in their everyday context," Havas noted.

Instead, PillDrill is a light overlay onto an existing routine that provides all the benefits of a technology product without any of the hassles. "Through the simple act of scanning, we’ve made a product that’s easy enough for anyone to use, smart enough to help anyone and so fundamentally intuitive that we believe it can transform the whole issue of adherence for everyday people," Havas added.

In related news, Logan, Utah-based Stander won the Best Room Award at ECRM’s Home Health Care EPPS event.
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