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PoC3 association hosts first meeting, planning conference for November

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NEW YORK — Executives from seven companies gathered here last month for the inaugural meeting of the Point of Care Communication Council, an association representing firms who provide health education, medical marketing and programs in doctor’s offices, pharmacies and hospitals. Coming out of that meeting, PoC3 will host the Point of Care National Conference in Philadelphia Nov. 6 and 7. 

“We are encouraged by the strong support we received from all the participants at the June meeting,” stated Dan Stone, CEO, AccentHealth and co-chair PoC3.  “This is an exciting time for the industry and we are fully committed to further engaging all stakeholders in the growing PoC sector.”

“A clear need existed for PoC industry leaders to come together to ensure that the point-of-care channel is most effectively utilized to help clinicians improve the health outcomes of their patients,” added Tom McGuinness, CEO, PatientPoint and co-chair PoC3. 

At the June meeting, the companies discussed timing of the venture — given the significant number of new patients entering the healthcare system under the Affordable Care Act, it is more critical to serve these patients with reliable and useful education when critical health decisions are being made in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and pharmacies, the association noted. Now is the time for the point-of-care companies to unite as an industry to support this important patient need. Standardizing communications was another point of discussion. 

Companies represented at the meeting included AccentHealth, Catalina Health, HealthBridge, Health Media Network, Health Monitor Network, PatientPoint and Targeted Media Health (a division of Time Inc.). In total, the association expects to have over 40 general and affiliate Members by the end of the year.

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