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Poll: Majority of Americans satisfied with healthcare system as it stands


PRINCETON, N.J. — Two-thirds of Americans are satisfied with the way the healthcare system is working for them today, according to a Gallup poll released earlier this week. While health insurance status was a major determinant of this satisfaction, even one-third of those who didn't have health insurance still reported they were satisfied.

Those seniors eligible for Medicare were the most satisfied, followed by younger Americans who are less likely to have health insurance and less likely to have chronic disease in need of management. 

"Most Americans do not believe the healthcare system in this country is in crisis," the Gallup poll concluded. "At the same time, a clear majority of Americans now say they disapprove of the Affordable Care Act. Their disapproval could be because many don't see the need to change the system, and worry that the new legislation will affect a process they currently are satisfied with."



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