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PQA to sponsor appointment-based medication synchronization programs


SPRINGFIELD, Va. — The Pharmacy Quality Alliance is supporting medication synchronization programs and pilots at pharmacies around the country using an appointment-based model, saying the model focuses on aligning drug refills of chronic medications to fall upon the same appointment date each month, the group said Tuesday.

The PQA cited recent studies showing that the appointment-based model allows significant improvements over traditional pharmacy practice in patient satisfaction and medication adherence. The group calls medication synchronization using ABM an important way for pharmacists to manage complex medication regimens.

"PQA is pleased to have a role in the uptake and spread of medication synchronization programs nationwide," PQA executive director Laura Cranston said. "The synchronization of patients' refills helps patients stay engaged in their health and has been shown to measurably improve medication adherence in patients with multiple chronic conditions."

The rollout of the initiative will include more than 600 pharmacies, and the group will assist them with program design and personal training through a "train the trainer" program. Small grant opportunities also are available, the PQA said.


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