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Prestige Brands introduces new Luden's, Chloraseptic items for cough-cold season


IRVINGTON, N.Y. — Prestige Brands is sprucing up its portfolio with new Luden's and Chloraseptic products.

Luden's has introduced new Moisture Drops, which are designed to soothe the dryness and discomfort associated with dry mouths, while easing everyday throat irritations. The lozenge works with a unique "HydroAction" formula and is available in a kiwi-strawberry flavored lozenge. The new Luden's Moisture Drops are available in a 20-count bag at a suggested retail price of $1.79.

"We are certain that anyone with minor dry mouth is going to love Luden’s Moisture Drops," Luden's VP marketing Albert Hwang said. "Luden's is all about soothing throat irritations with great-tasting throat drops. Now we also have the Luden's Moisture Drops to reduce dry mouth symptoms as well."

Meanwhile, Prestige Brands also has launched new Chloraspetic warming sore throat spray, which is designed to provide sore throat discomfort relief with the added benefit of a warm and soothing feeling. The new formula contains phenol, which helps ease the pain and temporarily relieves irritation, and is available in a sugar-free honey lemon flavor.

"We are always looking to satisfy consumer needs with innovations in sore throat relief," Prestige Brands senior brand manager Jocelyn Yuan said. "Consumers have long recognized hot tea and honey as a soothing sore throat remedy. With our new warming spray, Chloraseptic helps consumers take those benefits along with them, combined with an active ingredient that dulls sore throat pain."

Chloraseptic warming sore throat spray is available in a 6-fl.-oz. bottle with a suggested retail price of $6.25.

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