Prevention playing key role in 2012-2013 cough-cold products


Could cough-cold category managers be a victim of their own success? Could the reason that not nearly as many consumers came down with some sort of upper respiratory illness this past season be credited to a build-up in cough-cold prevention products?

As much as the answer is “No,” there is no denying that going into cough-cold season, prevention is top of mind among consumers, especially those not looking to take any time off of work. And that prevention play is being supported by a number of products coming to market this year.

Airborne is line extending its immune-support health formulas with two energy formulations — Airborne Plus Energy — that are formulated with B vitamins in place of caffeine for prevention-minded consumers who are looking for a little boost of energy over cough-cold season.

GoJo Industries, the original marketer of the Purell brand, is launching Purell Advanced behind a $14 million marketing campaign. Planning to generate as many as 272 million impressions, the marketing will stress that “formulation matters” with a claim that one squirt of Purell Advanced kills as many germs as any other brand.

And Oasis Consumer Healthcare’s Halo oral antiseptic ought to make a big splash in the 2012-2013 cough-cold season — the new product was voted “Best New Product” by retail buyers attending an ECRM event.

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