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Q&A: Hi-tech health


“Life…supplemented” last month launched a resource app for iPhones and iPads. DSN sat down with Judy Blatman, SVP communications for the Council for Responsible Nutrition, to get the details on the launch.

DSN: First, what is the new app? 

Judy Blatman: The mobile app, the WannaBeWell app … is a way for consumers to have access to wellness right at their fingertips. … For example, you can access our supplement resource center, which gives you [details on] supplements from A-Z. It also has some other interesting features, including some tips from our celebrity spokeswoman Nia Vardalos, as well as access to the supplement blog. 

DSN: What’s in it for retailers and suppliers?

Blatman: ... Anecdotally, one of the reasons that consumers may not adhere to their supplement regimen is they don’t plan well enough in advance. This app has a restock reminder, and that’s something that should help. In addition, consumers who are in retail locations will have access to the Life…supplemented website, including our supplement resource center. … [Also], we’ll have widgets available that [third parties] can use on their websites.

For the full audio Q&A, click here.

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