Q&A: Shot of energy

Drug Store News recently sat down with Tom Hadfield, CEO of AeroDesigns, to discuss the company’s new delivery system for energy — the AeroShot Energy— and the brand’s inherent point of differentiation.

Drug Store News: What is AeroShot?

Tom Hadfield: AeroShot Energy is a revolutionary new way to get your energy. It’s an air-based boost of energy, an aerosol delivery of 100 mg of caffeine, about the same as a large cup of coffee, plus a mix of B vitamins. ... The core advantage for us is it’s a very quick and highly convenient way to get your energy. It’s a patented system that’s quick to use, but it’s also quick to take effect, so it’s energy right when you need it.

DSN: What is the marketing strategy for year one?

Hadfield: Following strong sales in the Northeast, ... AeroShot Energy now will be launching with major national drug store and c-store chains in the fourth quarter. We’ve already captured the attention of major national media [personalities], including Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres. … We’re also making a significant investment in a national marketing campaign that includes print advertising, integrated radio promotions [and] sampling teams at college campuses.
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