QS/1, LDM partner on CarePoints patient messaging system


SPARTANBURG, S.C. QS/1 is teaming up with LDM Group to offer pharmacies a new service that will allow customers more access and information to their healthcare.

The service, called the CarePoints patient messaging system, gives pharmacies the ability to print patient specific material that offers suggestions for over-the-counter medications that complement the prescription, or even suggest a prescription that could be more beneficial for the patient. The pharmacy system uses de-identified information about the patient to cross-reference which material to print, meaning it is completely HIPAA compliant.

“Let’s assume a patient comes into a pharmacy and gets a prescription for a medicine they must take twice a day,” Mike Coyne, vice president of LDM Group explains. “The pharmacy system would know to print information about an alternative drug that is taken only once a day.”

Pharmacies can also take advantage of several “added value” benefits with this service. Pharmacies can print required Medication Guides for patients prescribed specific prescription drugs. This saves time from having to determine which drugs require the MedGuide and manually printing it.

Independent and regional chain pharmacies can also use the CarePoints patient messaging system to target in-store promotions, such as vaccination clinics.

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