QS/1, Veridikal partner for reconciliation programs


SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1, a healthcare automation solutions provider, on Monday announced that it now offers Veridikal Intelligence and Veridikal’s Reconciliation program to the pharmacies it serves. The program includes pre- and post-editing, EDI support, 835 processing, forensic auditing and reconciliation. 


This type of program allows pharmacies to eliminate many errors before claims are processed, the company said, which increases payments and accelerates prescription delivery to customers.


“Pre- and post-edits service evaluates prescription claims for omissions, errors and compliance with industry standards and metrics,” said Revonda Spratt, QS/1 VP, operations. “This prevents the pharmacy from submitting a claim the insurance provider would reject due to missing or inaccurate information, and decreases the possibility of paying multiple submission charges on a single prescription.”


The Veridikal business edits program allow for additional analysis of claims before they are sent to a third party, helping to reduce the number of errors before the claim is processed to ensure revenue enhancements while also reducing the amount of time pharmacy employees spend on correcting claims that rejected.


“Business edit training and support are provided to all customers,” said Larry Lane, Veridikal SVP marketing. “The pharmacy staff also has the ability to access Veridikal University’s comprehensive training program designed to meet the staff’s schedule and apply for continuing education.” 

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